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Investing in large scale solar plants


Renova Power develops, builds, maintains and brokers large scale solar photovoltaic plants worldwide, with a specific focus in the following regions: Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey and the Ukraine.

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Why choose us

  • We are part of a solid construction group that allows us to effectively work with local subcontractors, suppliers and financial institutions
  • Our management has held leadership positions at the following companies: Astaldi SpA, Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd, ERG SpA, EnergPoint SpA, DAE Costruzioni and Kenergia
  • Vast track record:
    • DEVELOPMENT: 12 plants totaling 68 MWp
    • CONSTRUCTION: 7 plants totaling 23 MWp
    • O&M: 5 plants under management totaling 20 MWp
    • BROKERAGE: 16 plants acquired by funds totaling 65 MWp

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Case study


Development of 315 rooftops for a total of 5 MWp in relation to the reconstruction of L’Aquila, following the 2009 earthquake.

Contract value: €1,250,000
Project size: 5 MWp
Location: L’Aquila
Date: 2009
Project Manager: Sandro Belvisi


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General contractor for a 5.5 MWp plant

Contract value: €16,450,000
Location: Agrigento, Sicily
Project Manager: Filippo Ghirelli


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Project due diligence in relation to providing the O&M service for a 2.6 MWp plant

Contract value: €720,000 over 20 years
Project size: 2.6 MWp
Location: Ozieri (Sassari)
Date: 2011
Project Manager: Nicola Tamburrino


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Acquisition of 2 plants on behalf of the major UK solar PV fund

Project value: €13.640.00
Project size: 12,4 MWp
Location: Cornwell and Lincolnshire
Date: 2012
Project Manager: Gregory Audetto


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