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Saving on the energy bill through self generation from renewable sources


  • Free inspection and financial feasibility study
  • Obtaining made-to-measure financing
  • Design and installation
  • Underwrite paperwork


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Why choose us

  • Renova Power has created specific financing channels with partner banks that share our vision. This allows us to minimize the financing costs and the time span required to obtain financing
  • Renova Power is Urban Green Energy’s Italian Preferred Partner. Urban Green Energy Inc. is a global leader in innovative mini-wind and stand-alone lighting solutions
  • Renova Power is part of a solid group with a vast experience in building and maintaining buildings. We have the experience to insure that, whenever we install a system, we also take care of the building’s structural needs
  • We reduced the time required to install a system by 20% compared to the market average, thus also reducing also installation costs
  • We are not constrained to any technology provider, thus we can choose the technology that best suits the characteristics of each project we work on.


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Case study

Client: SIMET SpA (one of the Italian leaders of bus transportation)
Location: Via Valleranello 271, Roma - Via S. Antonio 12, Rossano - Corso Mazzini 133, Cosenza
Date: 2013
Solution: Turnkey installation of 3 solar plants with a total power of 161 kW




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