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Renova Power holds a relevant equity stake in Consortium Energia Verde SpA, the only Italian energy provider that supplies electricity produced uniquely from renewable assets. Consortium has been created by Renova, TradeInv and Officinae Verdi (JV UniCredit - WWF) with the objective of proactively informing supplied clients on how they can increase their energy performance, thus provide them with turnkey solutions including financing.

  • Send us your energy bill, we calculate your savings within one working day
  • We maximize your savings by adapting the electricity supply to your consumption
  • The energy we supply is 100% from renewable source

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Why choose us


  • By switching to our energy supply, we will profile you energy use/needs and we will be able to define personalized saving measures
  • Brand certifying you only use energy from renewable sources
  • Eliminate C02 emissions in relation to your electricity use
  • Energy prices fixed for 1 year
  • Simple and easily understandable bills
  • No cost to enter or exit our supply contract
  • No supply interruption when switching supplier
  • Online site to follow your real-time and historic consumption


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Case study

Client: Bios&Bios Srl (medical center with a yearly energy consumption of 66 MWh)
Location: Via S. Samuele 91, Barletta (Puglia)
Date: 2013
Solution: over a 15% saving compared with the previous supply




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