Renova Power’s mission is reducing our clients' energy costs in a simple and sustainable manner.

Renova Power’s success
is based on 3 pillars

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Renova Power holds a relevant equity stake in Consortium Energia Verde SpA, the only Italian energy provider that supplies electricity produced uniquely from renewable assets. Consortium has been created by Renova, TradeInv and Officinae Verdi (JV UniCredit - WWF) with the objective of proactively informing supplied clients on how they can increase their energy performance, thus provide them with turnkey solutions including financing.

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Renova Power's shareholders include Elaris, a financial holding that controls and manages energy assets including the Settimo Torinese & Chivasso district heating and the renewable energy assets allowing to serve the entire energy needs of the L'Oreal production facility in Settimo Torinese. Furthermore, Elaris controls a number of Energy Saving Companies including Riesco, Enersol and Solis.

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Renova Power's shareholders include Genera Group, a diversified holding specialized in real estate and construction. Genera supports Renova Power's growth by transferring know-how in engineering and electrical systems. Furthermore Genera's and Renova's engineering teams are integrated on a project-basis to manage intense work loads for clients including Sorgente SGR, Brico Center, McDonald's, LIDL and SIAE.

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